Like a ragtag jug band, The Basketball Jones is on the road and coming to your town. It’s No Season Required.

On today’s show, we’re joined by ex-Phoenix Suns forward, Paul Shirley, and comedian Joe Mande to discuss: Paul’s hilariously low ratings in video games, Japanese haircuts, Roombas, bad accents, old basketball cards, surviving in the wilderness, height, and why handing players checks for $500,000 is a bad idea.

All that, plus Paul reveals the NBA’s biggest asshole!

Next stop: Nov. 17, Oklahoma City.

And, hey, don’t forget to listen to our previous shows in Chicago, Portland and Oakland.


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Comments (26)

  1. Ever wonder what would have happened in the 80s during the Cold War if Mutually Assured Destruction wasn’t a deterrent??? Here’s our answer for the NBA. Although, if you thought, at any time over the past few months that there would be a season than you were willfully naive.
    TBJ, keep doing your season-less coverage, and stay strong my friends.

  2. Enjoying the podcasts. There’s a store in OKC I have always wanted to visit: I would hit it up if I were there.

  3. Wait a minute, isn’t Paul the NBA’s biggest asshole?

  4. Michael beat me to it.

  5. amazing pcast
    sidenote: suck it robert hahahahah

  6. skeets the guy who should play you is the who played zig on the wire and corporal chuck person in generation kill!

  7. I think I found that video Paul was talking about. Looks like it required way too much effort.

  8. I don’t listen to the podcast but I went a long with my boyfriend and enjoyed it. I thought it was hilarious that all the white guys had on plaid shirts and jeans. Very popular style.

  9. Danny Pudi would do an amazing job playing J.E. Skeets.

    and I honestly don’t remember the last time i laughed this much just from listening to something. great job guys, keep it up!

  10. I wish I had asked him when I was there, but do you think Paul gets the statement “You’re tall, you should play basketball” a lot?

  11. So glad I didn’t go. Shirley’s a douche. Gonna skip this podcast

  12. I agree, he’s a bit of a douche, but I think the guys played really well of that, this might actually be the best TBJ:NSR thus far, so keep up the good work guys!

  13. I don’t think Robert would agree with me, but that was the funniest of the tour yet. Great job!

  14. Damn Shirley is one bitter, jealous, condescending a-hole. It is clear this guy is just mad he couldn’t last in the league and never made the money guys he thinks are “dumb” made. Did you consider they didn’t hang out with you because you look down on everyone Shirley? The only reason you got a job in the media is because you are no better than a gossip magazine with the crap you talk about players. You are a 6’9″ Perez Hilton. Lame ass.

  15. i love these podcasts… you all are to much… when you come back to toronto i want to see you all live.. where you gonna do the show?

  16. Wow, lots of Shirley hate, I’m not too familiar with his work, but I can relate to some top athletes being dumb. I go to college at a Division 2 football powerhouse and have had classes with quite a few players. For the most part they are the dumbest people in class and have no reason to be attending college other than their superior athletic skills. These are division 2 athletes and 98% won’t play professional sports, I believe this would extrapolate greatly to top tier division 1 and NBA players.

    Why shouldn’t Paul be able to discuss this and make fun of them? I went home and laughed at a QB with my roommates when the QB couldn’t read out loud, got pissed and walked out of class. From the sound of it, Paul wasn’t angry he didn’t make it big in the NBA, he made jokes about it, seemed pretty comfortable in his own skin to me. Joe Mande was pretty funny, I had never heard of him before, I’ll have to google his work

  17. Bernie- most of those “stupid” athletes at your school were forced to attend horrible schools due to no fault of their own. They are not stupid, they just did not have the opportunities you did. Again, its about his condescending attitude. The two of you may have been lucky enough to attend a good school, live in a middle class neighborhood where you didn’t have to worry about gang violence, drugs and poverty like many NBA players. That is why Shirley was never accepted- he did not understand the people he played with. The guy is your typical upper-middle class douchebag who looks down on these “dumb ghetto black players”.

  18. Just for good measure: Paul Shirley and Matt Osten are fags.

  19. The best part of the whole show was when Trey asked Paul “If it was hard to get into the mindset of a raciest” when playing a character in that movie.

  20. Hey Paul Shirley, it’s not your fault

  21. Best podcast of the tour. I thought Paul Shirley was pretty funny.


    The guys just brushed it off but he sounded pretty pissed, does this count as the first TBJ:NSR heckler???

  23. I think JBoog (above) is spot on with his comments. That is all.

  24. Great podcast guys. Never have Paul as a guest again. Some people are controversial and say interesting things and thats acceptable, some people are just bitter assholes with nothing interesting to say.

    What was with the New Orleans comment?

  25. Late post. I was at the show and wanted to post something then but it slipped my mind till now NEVER HAVE SHIRLEY ON AGAIN. He ruined the experience for me. First he sets the tone by blaming the the lockout on player stupidity. Then proceeds through the show with basically continuous veiled racism. I was fuming by the end and pissed I had made the trip.

    Love you guys in general, but really disappointed you didn’t hold it down on your own show and check this guy when he starts spouting ignorant shit. I guess I was guilty of the same as I stood silent in the audience though, so I forgive you and will keep listening.

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