As we all know, LeBron James and Jay-Z are best buddies. They are both down with the R-O-C and their friendship is a big reason why some people thought LeBron playing for the Nets was a legitimate possibility despite the fact that they are in New Jersey. They’re just two dudes who love making money and letting everyone know how great they are, just like their mutual friend, Kanye West, who just so happened to be backstage at “The Decision.” Clearly these three are friends who love sharing custom cakes whenever they get the chance.

And that’s why Nike’s releasing a “Watch the Throne” version of LeBron’s latest signature shoe, the LeBron 9. Ball so hard.

The majority of the sneaker is black with just a little hit of gold that obviously calls back to Kanye and Jay’s record cover. Duh. The inside is where the real magic happens, where a printed Givenchy-ish lining makes things all fancy-pants. If you’ve seen Kanye West at all in the past few years, you’ll know he likes his prints loud and his pants fancy, so this seems pretty fitting.

Plus, there’s a gigantic gold jeweled lace lock to top things off, just in case you forgot that all three of these guys love flossing even it seems kind of inconvenient. Between the gold spiky thing and the tapestry lining and laces, these are hard to miss. As I’m sure you’ve guessed, that’s kinda the point. These are what you wear when you call the paparazzi on yourself, not when you’re going to Starbucks to get a salted caramel mocha.

I like these just about as much as I like the record, which is to say they are OK with some parts that are pretty good. And just like “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” is a better record, the Yeezy 2 is a better shoe. This analogy could go on for days, so just check out the detailed shots after the jump.

(via Sneaker Files)