Yesterday was our last day in Los Angeles, which means we had to get our eat on in a serious way. No offense to Oklahoma City, but they’re not exactly known as a culinary destination. I hope to be proven wrong, but I’m guessing their taco truck game is woefully lacking.

With that in mind, we did some serious damage on the eating front, including revisiting our good friend, Señor Fish.

As I told Skeets when we were eating, you don’t get a chance to eat your favorite burrito on Earth all the time, so you need to mow down when you have the opportunity. That’s exactly what we did and I really think it was the right choice. Plus, Señor Fish’s logo is perfect, so bonus points for that.

Later, we hit up a place I still don’t know how to pronounce.

Worst coochie? Verst coo-shay? Wurzlekerz? Couldn’t quite figure it out, but it was a sausage shop and that’s a delight.

We’re talking duck and bacon sausages. We’re talking rattlesnake and rabbit sausages. We’re talking blends on blends on blends you’ve never even imagined. Pretty good little mealios here, but they really need to cool it on the gigantic rolls. Too much bread kills an encased meat.

And yes, I did stop for a taco on the way to Wurstküche. So what.

Like I said, I’m not going to be able to stop for a Korean taco on the streets of a lot of the places we’re going, so I might as well do it now. I am a very strong believer in the power of scarcity.

Last but not least, JD met a baby.

This baby has an agent, manager, publicist and personal assistant. So LA.

Now we’re off to Oklahoma City, where none of us have ever been. We’re not sure what we’re going to do, but we assume there will be rodeos, gun ranges and tractor pulls that will be easy to find and even easier to enjoy. Personally, I’m hoping we get to see a demolition derby, but I fear that’s just wishful thinking.