Wassssssup, Oklahoma City? TBJ is all up in your guts, eating your steaks. Here’s the proof.

Boom. That’s just one of the six steaks that we ordered at Cattlemen’s, since that’s apparently the No. 1 thing to do in OKC.

Not that that’s a bad thing, but it is definitely a thing. Everyone we talked to recommended Cattlemen’s, including Kevin Arnovitz who called it “the best steakhouse in a steak city.” That’s a pretty high compliment and something that would make for a great slogan on a business card. Even their sign is awesome.

It’s like living in an Instagram filter, only with better food.

Thus far, we like OKC. Sure, we’ve only been one place but it was really good, so one-for-one. Plus our hotel sent a limo to pick us up from the restaurant which really made us feel like wealthy oil barons.

Now maybe this will end up being the pinnacle of our OKC adventures — cruising in a white stretch limo after eating at an old-timey steakhouse is the epitome of 1970s high class ballin’ — but I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the Sooner State’s capital. I am not sure what you guys do all the time, but this was a nice little excursion. Keep it up and we can reevaluate your not-so-great national image.

Our show’s tonight, so if you live in OKC or somewhere near it that is maybe within five hours, you should come. We’ll pretty much just be talking about Cattlemen’s, so it’s going to be awesome.