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One of the strangest stories of this (extended) NBA off-season was Ron Artest changing his name to Metta World Peace. In Portland, at LaMarcus Aldridge’s “Rip City Basketball Classic,” we asked some NBA players what they would change their names to if they had the chance. Some of their answers were pure gold.

Comments (24)

  1. This video has NOTHING to do with basketball or humour!

    Nooooow, where’s my namecheck? But seriously, hilarious vid :p

  2. EJ STEEKS! Much better than the alternative.

  3. I can’t decide who has the best answer: Josh Howard, Steve Blake or Nate Robinson.

  4. Nate, he blew your mind. lol

  5. Steve Blake was the one who blew my mind.

    “John Smith”

  6. Who would have thought that Josh Howard knew who Fleetwood Mac was?

  7. Steve Blake wins!

  8. blake lol, comedy

  9. I though Nate’s answer was the funniest by far, great on the spot thinking, wouldn’t have expected that from the guy who shot at his own basket in an NBA game :p
    PS: is it just me or did Josh Howard look pretty high?

  10. Respect to Steve Blake for coming up with a name that’s more boring than Steve Blake.

  11. gotta love the idea of josh howard wanting to have his jersey say “MAC” on the back :D and he has a good point – fleetwood mac does sound cool. “hi my name is mac, fleetwood mac.”

  12. josh howard wins this one – fleetwood mac paired with his blunted grin is pure lockout-gold

  13. WTF, guys!
    This had NOTHING to do with Full House!

  14. Michael Jordan? Ervin “not Magic” Johnson will be the one to tell you, it’s not good to have the exact same name as someone better than you in your profession. People will only ever be disappointed when you turn up and aren’t the “real” MJ.

  15. Fleetwood Mac was easily the best answer

  16. Josh Howard wins with Fleetwood Mac. Never saw that one coming… It actually sounds smooth too. I would be surprised if there wasn’t a Harlem Globetrotter named Hardwood Mac at some point.

  17. …or a gay porn star.

  18. hehe :D sometimes it’s just better to go there yourself before someone else does it

  19. Fleetwood Mac needs to stick. That was by far the best name by all. I guess everyones parents rocked that in the backyard at family bbq’s.

    Obviously the new Washington Wizards warm up music.

  20. Is Josh Howard 50 years old?
    I mean, his references are Fleetwood Mac and Bill Walton… Also, that would explain why he plays so terrible lately…

    Seems like a pretty chill bro, tho.

  21. Steve Blake looks like Elliott Smith but bald.

  22. Dude, Breyzh…Don’tcha know repping Fleetwood Mac makes perfect sense as this so-called hipster-fication-of-America trend spreads out even to the NBA? All the cool kids love Fleetwood Mac. Now if Howard only specified “Peter Green-era Fleetwood Mac only”, we’d know he’s trying to snatch the hippest-NBA-player crown from James Harden and Baron Davis.

  23. I wonder is Josh Howard listens to fleetwood mac before games

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