You were probably thinking that LeBron James had given up dunking on kids now that the summer is over. But you’re wrong. He’s still doing it, this time in London. It’s not like he has anything better to do.

It’s great to see NBA players playing actual competitive basketball.

(via TNLP)

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  1. That was a blatant hooking offensive foul. Stars get all the calls

  2. Love the pointless high five at the end #winning

  3. Before that dunk he was definitely thinking “Damn, I can’t miss another shot in front of these kids.”

  4. Hahah my thought exactly Jono. He had to save face at that point as three misses in a row just looks sad.

  5. lol, what did he do all summer long? Still cant shoot and his post move sucks (offesive foul)

  6. lol i don’t have a problem if he does that and then smiles and high fives the kid, but he looked like, “yeah i just did that to you.” C’MON MANNN

  7. epic choke as per usual HA

  8. this is how the championship was won …take notes guys

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