I’m not sure if Michael Jordan fell asleep while he was playing cards with his bros, but it sure looks like it. And if we’re being honest, the idea that MJ could fall asleep at some guy’s kitchen table after two straight days of gambling with big face hundreds isn’t that far-fetched.

The amazing thing is that if if this was 1997, he’d do this then drop 38 against the Knicks the next day. Now though, it probably just makes him super cranky which leads to him submarining labor negotiations.

Old age is the worst.

(via Unathletic)

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  1. Another piece of evidence for the theory that {Michael Jordan}\{Basketball} = {Emptiness}.

  2. What is that middle operator? \ = “poops out a?”

    Michael Jordan \ Basketball = Emptiness?
    Because that would be true.

  3. So, even the wealthiest people use Dixie Cups? Why? Who prefers drinking out of plastic if it’s not necessary?

  4. Surely it’s

    Michael Jordan – Basketball = Emptiness

    If it’s

    Michael Jordan / Basketball = Lebron James never winning a championship

  5. @mitchel: as a professional bachelor, I can confirm that drinking out of Dixie Cups is always better than having another dish to wash. I’ll drink straight out of the faucet before I’ll use a non-disposable/recyclable cup…

  6. \ is the difference of two sets. It’s basically the same thing as – . I used \ because:

    1. I’ve been doing a lot of set theory lately and
    2. I’m kind of a pedantic asshat.

  7. The Basketball Jones: Where set theory and Dixie discussions happen.

  8. He has a bad hand. He’ll usually stick out his tongue if he has something good. Easy read.

  9. This is actually a shot of the CBA negotiations. Jordan just fell asleep cause Paul Allen wouldn’t make up his mind to raise or fold and just kept staring at the cards.

  10. I just like the fact that the phone in the foreground is a Blackberry Curve.


    You can afford to play poker with MJ, but you can’t afford a better phone?

  11. so this is why jordan wants more money from the lockout deal… sad day for basketball

  12. Red Solo cup…..

  13. am i the only one impressed by that stack to jordan’s right..

  14. Assuming that the stack of bills is half the height of that solo cup there, since a solo cup is 4.75″ tall (I’m not sure of this part, it’s from some dude on Yahoo! Answers) that stack is 2.375″ tall. Assuming each bill is $100 and 0.0043″ thick, there are 2.375/0.0043 ~ 552 bills, i.e. about $55000.

    So, yes, geez.

  15. This is assuming they’re stacked perfectly. I don’t know how to account for wrinkles, folding, etc.

  16. This picture is not from 1997. The design on those hundred dollar bills didn’t come out until a few years later. In 1997 they would still have the older style.

  17. I’m amazed that out of all the not-1997 details in this picture (the Blackberry, the iPhone next to Jordan, Jordan’s bloated face), you picked out the design change on the $100 bill.

  18. Look at his face. This is one eerie photograph. Like a death mask. That’s because he doesn’t sleep for days, which leaves him looking like this.

  19. That looks like one comfortable Hanes t-shirt.

  20. It’s a Solo cup, not a dixie cup. Haven’t you ever been to a party?

  21. Hanes No Bacon Neck Tee. Does he have an endorsement deal with the Solo Cup people too?

  22. No one finds it funny that he’s HOLDING HIS CARDS while passed out? lol

  23. haha. Good stuff.

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