Not to get on Wayne Coyne’s bad side, but it turns out you can rock an OKC crowd without a gimmicky bubble you use to walk on top of all your adoring fans. All you need are your friends, a great guest and the finest post-basketball podcast in the history of the sportsosphere. Last night we battled the pink robots in Oklahoma City and we came out on top. Eat your heart out, Yoshimi.

It all started at Tea and Leaf Clothing, which provided us the best background we’re going to have on this trip.

Get it? Trip. You get it, double entendre style.

The guy who did this giant piece said it took 30 hours, which totally paid off when a podcast came by and made a bunch of fart jokes. Look how great this thing looks with four MCs and one JD trading hot comedy bars.

I feel like this was our “Exploding Plastic Inevitable” moment. It was so Andy Warhol of us to perform in a very artsy space while surrounded by commercially available goods. All we needed were a few Teutonic models writhing about to really set this off.

Not to toot our own horn, but the show was so good that even the sound check was hilarious. Proof.

Of course, JD was not impressed.

Then again, he is never impressed unless we are talking about strip club pageantry. Whatever, JD.

Once we got going for real, things still went pretty well, at least according to the fans’ faces.

These guys would never lie. Good fans in OKC, especially the lady who said I had beautiful hair.

Hey, she said it. I’m just telling you guys what happened. I can’t control if a fan with great taste mentions how wonderful and shiny and perfect my hair is. That’s just something you have to roll with when you’re on the road.

But she wasn’t the only good OKC fan. How about these two guys? This was the second No Season Required stop for both of them.

Sure, that means they’ve now wasted more than two hours of their life hearing us blabber, but that’s their choice. Take it up with them if you think they’re not leading their lives the right way.

Just a great night. The show was fun, the fans were wonderful and our guest, Royce Young, was excellent. You’ll get to hear the show pretty soon and I think you’re going to enjoy it.

Today we’ll be filming something in Oklahoma City, so to tide you over, here’s a little thank you gift for reading this recap.

Happy holidays from The Basketball Jones.