This would be worth like a million points in Rock ‘N’ Jock Basketball. Bill Bellamy is VERY impressed.

(via I Am a GM)

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  1. Holy false advertising Batman!

  2. This looks pretty fun. Like dunking on a poolside basket while jumping in said pool.

  3. you guys should get bill bellamy on the show. why not?

  4. Well, now I feel really stupid for expecting something totally different. At the start of the clip, I was squinting to try and make the white guy on the lower left level look more like Rudy Gay.

    You got me…

  5. Lame. Although those foam pits are fun.

  6. Seems like a good thing to do post-shoulder surgery

  7. That was actually impressive

  8. Rudy Gay has terrible friends. What if there hadn’t been a foam pit there? He could’ve been seriously hurt.

  9. Well that was a complete waste of time. If I knew it was TMZ’s video I wouldn’t have wasted my time.

  10. none of you guys incl me could have done this leap!
    and rudy gay seeing swimming in rainbow colored foam pits it is enough satisfaction for me…hahaha!

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