Yesterday, we had a chance to hit the streets of Oklahoma City to see all of the cultural landmarks for which they are most famous. Like, for instance, the picture you see above which is the most legendary intersection in all of OKC. It commemorates the place where the Flaming Lips and Mickey Mantle once ran in to each other on accident. Pretty incredible when you really think about it.

But that’s not all we saw. Oklahoma City is a big place, so there was a ton of notable stuff. Here’s the place where they make you feel really sad that there’s a lockout.

And here is Mickey Mantle’s Steakhouse.

And here is Mickey Mantle’s statue (and plaza).

And here is Johnny Bench’s statue (and plaza).

And here is OKC’s storied Christmas tree.

No offense, Oklahomans, but I think you kind of jumped the gun on this one. It’s not even Thanksgiving yet and you already have a Christmas tree decorated in the heart of the city? I know there ain’t no love there, but this is a little absurd. Let’s enjoy some turkey before trimming the tree. Chill out.

At night, we visited the Oklahoma City National Memorial, which honors victims, survivors and rescuers of the 1995 bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building. I know this whole post has been jokey, but this was amazing.

For lack of a better descriptor, the OKC National Memorial is the best memorial I’ve ever seen. The imagery is incredible, it’s beyond touching how they’ve honored all who were affected by that horrible tragedy and the way the designers weave¬† new, artistic pieces in to the salvaged rubble from the explosion is stunning. If you’re OK with squinting to figure out what all the placards say, I’d surmise that this is even better at night. We all loved it and it’s a definite must-see if you’re ever in Oklahoma City.

Back to the jokes.

Since it was out last night in town, we wanted to do it big. So we did what any group of six dudes who love having fun would do — threw down a game of Scattegories in the hotel bar.

I won. I’m a words man.

Then to cap things off, Tas and I pulled a hilarious prank on Skeets and Leigh.

Gotcha! Gotcha so good.

OKC was fun. People say there is nothing to do and that is kind of hard to argue. When you walk around the city, it always feels like it’s 4am, even if it’s really 2:30 in the afternoon. Everything feels like the outskirts of town, like you’re going way out of your way to find some place you heard good things about.

But that’s not the worst thing in the world. There are definitely interesting things to do if you look for them. Of course, we were here for all of three days, which seems about all you need to see everything you want to. As someone said while we were out, if you’re going to live in a small Midwestern city, you could do a lot worse than OKC.

Like, I don’t know, San Antonio maybe? That’s where we’re headed today, so be on the lookout for a full report comparing and contrasting these two cities. Should make for some thrilling blog posts.