Yesterday is kind of hard to explain. We traveled from Oklahoma City to Houston to San Antonio, which took about six hours from start to finish. Nothing exciting happened, so there’s no use in wasting your time.

Then, when we arrived in San Antone, we immediately started working on a video. And when I say “immediately,” I mean it. We went straight from the airport to obtain various goods that we needed for a shoot which we headed to right after we got the goods. It was hectic — and I’m not going to spoil the video — so discussion over.

But at night, we found some good action. We had a nice vibe sesh with some chill bros at a few local establishments — The Friendly Spot, The Monterey, Moses Rose’s Hideout — during which your two favorite Canadian podcast hosts took turns dancing to the dulcet tones of the only band to ever cover Rage Against the Machine and Incubus on back-to-back songs and think it’s a good idea.

So because the day was alternately boring, off-limits and pretty great, I’ll just let you enjoy Skeets and Tas dancing. If you feel like breaking down their individual moves in the comments, be my guest.

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  1. Skeet’s kinda looked like a traditional native american rain dance.

  2. Wait, you really hung out with Carles?

  3. My rain dance ended up igniting the dance floor. #TruthByJE

  4. Looked like Skeets lost consciousness, channeled his inner Thom Yorke, and went to town on the d-floor.

  5. All that dancing and no one threw down double dream hands or a solid dice roll? Smh

  6. @Skeets

    looks like you were high as a kite rather than dancing for rain

    Tas has some nice one-on-one moves

  7. I used to live in San Antonio, and the Monterey is my favorite still-operating business from my time there. My favorite defunct business is the San Antonio Spurs.

  8. Geez… If that what Skeets dances like, what does Cuban Pete dance like?

  9. Hey, Skeets, at some point you looked like a real Chris Martin, a cool Coldplay vibe :) hah

    And what Ts was doing woth his hand down there, I really don’t wanna know….

  10. Tas* that is…

  11. I’m not trying to hate but this content is ridiculous fellas. Most of us come to this website for basketball material. Stay gold.

  12. @kenneb3: Yeah, they should talk more about how basketball isn’t being played. Good point.

  13. who was the chick you were dancing with skeets? any #TBJ afterwards or did she even notice you?

  14. who was the chick you were dancing with skeets? any #TBJ afterwards or did she even notice you????

  15. Hahaha….the youtube account has been TERMINATED!

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