Let me start this off by making a bold declaration — San Antonio is America’s most underrated city.

Maybe it’s because we came in the middle of November, when the weather is perfect rather than unbearable. Maybe it’s because we’ve been touring for three weeks, have our sea legs and are really getting in to the swing of things. Or maybe it’s just that San Antonio is kind of great, but we are loving this place. After yesterday, that’s not about to change.

First thing we did was head to the Spurs’ practice facility to shoot a video that is going to be so hilariously Texas. This might not surprise you, but the Spurs’ facility is top of the line.

Thanks to some awesome and very helpful people with the team, we got to see everything at the place, which is really cool considering you can’t even find the address online. The lockout might be the worst thing ever, but when it comes to getting access to shoot videos for an international podcast tour, it has certainly been beneficial.

Then last night, we had our sixth show. Due to a bit of a scheduling kerfuffle, we ended up hosting the show in a conference room at our hotel. I wish I could tell you that’s a joke, but well, look at this picture.

Don’t worry. Things got better. People actually started showing up.

Then Brent Barry showed up out of nowhere.

That might sound like a joke, that a guy like Brent Barry would just show up to be a guest on our podcast without us knowing he was coming, but that is exactly what happened. I stepped out of Conference Room B to make some pee, only to find Brent Barry turning the corner to come in the room. We later found out that he had been planning to come on the show for a couple of weeks, but wanted to keep it a secret so he could just show up and surprise us, which makes the whole thing even more surreal.

Considering his scheme, it is pretty easy to assume that he was a great guest. That is a totally correct assumption.

Would the look of pure ecstasy delight on those faces lie? I don’t think so. I mean, we got the story behind that time he did the Crip Walk at the 3-point contest, so you know it was a successful show. And if you’re wondering why he wore the jacket when he won the dunk contest, he told me and Skeets afterwards that it was because he was nervous and forgot to take it off. Seriously.

Riding high on the success of the show, we hit the Friendly Spot to bro down with some fans because it is one of the best hangout zones anyone has ever seen and we can’t resist it’s allure. After a long chill session, we hit up a karaoke spot on the other side of the sprawl. It wasn’t a private room how we like it, but a Sunday night karaoke stage in San Antonio is pretty much the same thing.

Because it is our theme song for this trip, Skeets, Tas and I did a thrilling rendition of “Spinning Wheel.”

It was pretty cool and so was Skeets’ terrifying “Chop Suey.” Karaoke with your buds is always the best.

And so is when one of your buds scores a Most Interesting Man in the World cardboard cutout.

San Antonio, you are awesome.