Ananth Pandian went to the Rajon Rondo charity game this weekend…

Rajon Rondo’s Boston Charity Classic went down on Saturday and like most charity exhibitions it was filled with no defense, long threes and A LOT of dunks. But this game also showed how players have been keeping in shape during this lockout-extended off-season. As you can see up top, Rondo has been bored with his daily training and has been playing a lot of intramural soccer to stay in shape. How else would he have learned an off-the-head alley-oop?

Kendrick Perkins, meanwhile, has been practicing his ball handling skills by watching hours upon hours of the And1 Mixtape series then immediately trying out the moves in his driveway. Results are inconclusive thus far.

Last but not least, Paul Pierce has been preparing for the fact that there might not be a season by joining a Boston Cornhole league. An old man’s gotta find a way to stay competitive.

Red’s Army has the whole game up on their site, but this is really all you need to see.

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  1. i didn’t know Perkins could dunk…

  2. Nice! They used my Perkins trying to be a Guard video. It was a wacky and fun game.

  3. Just what Perk’s offensive repertoire was lacking!

  4. The greatest part of all these clips has to be Perk’s defender. Perk loses his dribble and the guy walks over like he’s going to pick it up and give it back to him. He then “follows” him (with his eyes at least) while showing the turning radius of a school bus. “ONIONS!”


  5. PERK: Hey, I thought we said we weren’t going to play defense in this game.
    PERK’S DEFENDER: I’m not.

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