San Antonio, you did it. You completely annihilated our admittedly low expectations to become probably our best stop so far. Way to go.

Even our last day — where we didn’t really do anything — was super enjoyable. A quick rundown before we head out.

Burgers at Chris Madrid’s, followed by a quick trip to the hilariously small Alamo.

Followed by peeping the Riverwalk, which Skeets and Leigh checked out because they are OK with being outside in gross humidity.

Followed by Tas getting really upset that Matt left his booties in the console of our minivan, even though they were totally clean.

Followed by hooping at Eduardo Najera’s alma mater, thanks to a fan of the show named Caleb.

Followed by “The Worst Bar-B-Q in Texas” at Rudy’s with Spurs internet genius Ben Hunt.

Followed by feelings of severe bloat and lethargy that resulted in us sitting in a hotel room watching TV for the first time all tour.

Even on a day where we just touristed it up and had a relaxing kind of day, San Antonio was great. I said it yesterday, but I still maintain that San Antonio is America’s most underrated city. I don’t know that I would feel the same way if we had visited in the middle of summer, when it’s over 100 degrees for a month straight, but when you’re getting 70 degrees at night and you can just vibe out with some tacos while you’re chilling outside, it’s amazing. Go to San Antonio in the fall and you’ll have a great time. That’s the Trey Kerby guarantee.

Now we’re off to Miami, which should be somewhat different than San Antonio. Let’s just hope we can convince Brent Barry to join us. Seems like he’ll be free, so that’s a possibility.