I know it looks like the No Season Required tour is all fun and games and that we are just partying and eating all the livelong day, but it’s simply not true. Take yesterday for example.

We got up early to catch a shuttle at the San Antonio airport. Then we had an hour delay for our first flight to Houston. Once we got to Houston, we had to hurry across the airport to catch our connecting flight to Miami. However, once we got on that plane, it too was delayed to allow some late-arriving international travelers a chance to board. Then, obviously, we had to fly to Miami, where upon arrival, we took a long cab ride to our hotel.

After it was all said and done, we had been traveling for just about nine hours. That’s no fun.

But then, we were in Miami. We couldn’t just sit around doing nothing. So we hit the strip, just six dudes bro-ing out like nothing.

We did a quick photoshoot for our tour sponsor.

We unintentionally crashed a very fancy corporate party at a hotel we weren’t staying at.

We walked through a fake jungle.

We played a giant game of outdoor chess.

We got our lounge on in a cabana at the Dolla-no. I mean the Delano. I mean Pharell’ll know.

So yeah, we do have some fun, I guess. Not all of it, but at least some of it. Just a normal amount.

Today, we’re working all day to get that out of the way. Shooting a video, planning a show, throwing a show then chilling with some fans. It’ll be great.

Plus, then we’ll have Thanksgiving free. One question — does Miami even have turkeys?