The Basketball Jones track down Raptors’ guard DeMar DeRozan in his hometown of L.A. to find out about his secret dunks, his unlikely pre-game hype music, and Toronto’s lack of chicken and waffles.

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  1. Well… That was dull…

  2. Whole lotta bass in that voice, Melas. Think the road is catching up with you.

  3. seems that demar is not amongst the more entertainig guys in the nba i’m afraid

  4. I’ve gotta start wearing my name on my t-shirt.

  5. DeRozan is too humble for these type of interviews, one of the coolest guys in the NBA.

    P.S: Join the Raptors and you’ll get a huge paycheck + join the up and coming team just in time to help them make Raptors history. L.A, NY, CHI, and MIA got no money so come on down to T.O a top-five city in all of North America with a whole country behind the ball club.

  6. Have to say DeMar just doesn’t do it for me off the court or via Twitter. Maybe time to change my Twitter page featuring him from Summer League when he was a rook.

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