We did it, you guys. Yes. We. Did.

No, not a preseason championship parade, but our first — and last — No Season Required show without a guest. Mission accomplished?

Anyway, before that, we hit the streets for the most strenuous video shoot ever.

While we were out, we saw some basketball-y stuff. Like this bro, just walking the beach in an Andrew Bogut jersey.

No, that’s not full-on Australian Leigh Ellis, even though he surely appreciates this gentleman’s attire.

We also saw a little LeBron James ad tucked away at a deli.


Then it was off to the show. On our way there, we saw a dog driving a Range Rover. Pretty cool.

After avoiding any and all dog-related car accidents, we arrived at Tobacco Road, Miami’s oldest and least “Miami” bar.

Unbeknownst to us, it was Ladies Night and Mr. Pat De Leon was there to seduce them with a splendid voice and an excellent haircut.

Apparently it worked, because our audience was a record-breaking one-fifth female.

No woman can resist the allure of Pat De Leon, so big ups to him.

The show was definitely OK and will probably be really awesome when you listen to it as a podcast, which you’ll be able to do in no time at all. Afterwards, we got some chill time in with a bunch of fans who were kind enough to blow off their families and real friends off on Black Wednesday. That was really great. The post-show hangs are always the best part, so if you come to New York or Boston, stick around.

Now it’s Thanksgiving, which means we’re going to be doing Thanksgiving stuff, Miami-style — the beach, a steakhouse and enjoying the company five other dudes who we’ve spent every waking moment with for the past three weeks, just how the pilgrims imagined it.

That means things are going to be pretty slow over here from now until Monday. Maybe we’ll have some recap action, but I can’t promise anything. We definitely won’t have anything else, because all you guys are going to be busy doing nothing and totally ignoring the internet. Wise decision by you guys.

So have fun today, enjoy the long weekend and we’ll talk soon. Gobble gobble.