Like a ragtag jug band, The Basketball Jones is on the road and coming to your town. It’s No Season Required.

On today’s show, we empty the tour mailbag and answer your questions about: Our new nicknames, competitive Scattegories, how we picked the cities for “No Season Required,” Trey’s diet soda addiction, suicidal birds, first dates, and much, much more. And, hey, Happy Thanksgiving, America! Today, we’re thankful you let us tour your country for what’s been an amazing month. You’re the best. Never change.

Next stop: Nov. 29, New York.

And, hey, don’t forget to listen to our previous shows in Chicago, Portland, Oakland, LA, OKC and San Antonio.


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Comments (17)

  1. I showed her my bird…

  2. No Joel Anthony? Come on!

  3. Holy bottom of the barrel podcast Batman. Whelp there’s nowhere to go from hear but up. Can’t stomach another one of these piles of crap.

  4. were there like 5 people there? c’mon miami… even i would be able to round up some guys if you played in my city and i’m from / in a small town in germany! miami’s gotta have more TBJ fans than that…

    ps if everybody’s on vacation – aren’t there some guys coming back TO miami? people don’t disappear into the fitfh dimension over thanksgiving…

    still fun show, as always

  5. @ fred why, does your wife force you to listen?

  6. Hey Fred, Batman called and wants to give you a lesson on homonyms.

  7. I’m a big fan, love the show.

    What sort of dicks have “drunken alter-egos?”

  8. Mart – drunk ones ;)

  9. It’s Matty “Eggs” Osten, obviously

  10. …if i had to pick a nickname for the entire TBJ crew after this tour i would go with The Dong Jones – because of, well, the great many amount of dong jokes, duh (The Fart Jones just doesn’t sound right)

  11. LOL what were you guys thinking going to miami?? Can’t say i’m surprised they wont even show up to see their “super team” much less a podcast show ( albeit a fucking awesome one )

  12. HATIN’ ON DALLAS?! Never forget. hahahahaha.

  13. so other than WAGs, how many people were there? 4?

  14. Yeah, Scattergories is one of those games that makes or breaks friendships. You have no idea how many arguments I’ve gotten into because of that game. It’s my favorite game ever.

  15. Guys, come to Australia. Watch some AFL, which starts in March (there still won’t be an NBA season), and begin the AFL Jones.


  16. Reason #2345 I’m glad the lockout is over:

    The Jones will have some shit to talk about again. Love you guys talking about ball, and the various flights of fancy that arise from talking ball, but, damn, free form improv comedy just ain’t yer bag.

    Also, I hope the daily show will just be Skeets and Tas with a light sprinkling of Matty O.

    Get it on, gents. I say, can the trest of the tour to start the previews. Here we go!

  17. 6th-man from the Sacramento Kings: Boe-by Jackson

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