For the past few months, I’ve tried to play it cool with friends, family and colleagues and act like I didn’t really care one way or another if there was a 2011-12 NBA season. Unlike the other TBJ hombres, this isn’t actually my job. I write and talk about basketball for fun and the Joneses are gracious enough to let me share my thoughts with all of you.

I was lying to myself, of course. A part of me was dead inside until I read the news this morning that the lockout is over. As you’ll see if you watch the video, I’ve been repressing some emotions that came flowing out today. Judge me if you want, but I bet many of you feel the same way.

(This video was inspired by Dan LeBatard’s reaction to LeBron joining the Heat last July. You might find my video funnier if you watch that one first.)

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  1. Keep these guys behind the scenes. Horribly unfunny and not entertaining.

  2. And so it begins. I suspect I’ll be crying myself to sleep tonight.

  3. Fret not, Scott. James was clearly not hugged enough as a child… Or he lost money on the Heat and LeChoke in the finals. Your video made me chuckle and made my daughter ask if you were related to Samuel L. Jackson ["I'M NOT YELLING! THIS IS HOW I TALK! HAVEN'T YOU SEEN MY MOVIES??"]

  4. I too have looked up slizzard on urbandictionary. My favorite entry: “a very slutty lizard”. WIN.

  5. Good job, Scott.

  6. i thoroughly enjoyed this without watching the original. great job yo

  7. Hahaha so funny after watching that other vid, does Dan LeBatard suffer from ‘mental retardation’ as Bachmann would say?

  8. Greaaat Scooottt !

  9. No talk about giant royal penises? :(

  10. james hangs out with robert on the weekends.

  11. Hey james, everyone knows that internet trolls, like yourself, beat off to every comment that references you. By the way that was vid was hilarious and awesome, Scott.

  12. And remember: James is just another name for Robert.

  13. Thanks to everyone from comment no. 3 onward. I figured that somebody had to provide some content in here while the rest of the boys are soaking up the South Beach sun. I don’t usually do stuff like this so you can imagine how nervous I was about the response.

  14. James- the first commenter- had it right. That was painful to watch. But don’t take it personally, Carefoot. They can’t all be winners. Points for effort.

  15. Ehh. Ignore the trolls. They must be wandering over here from Ball Don’t Lie.

    Funny stuff, Scott!

  16. lolz @ J.R. Smith joke

  17. Very funny. (watched the original first. good suggestion). would’ve been funnier if (photoshopped) pics was on the screen instead, but funny regardless…

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