Magazine lead times are such that publishers can get themselves in to some pretty funny scenarios if something goes wrong in the three months between when the mag is done and when it’s published. Like, I don’t know, say a famous men’s magazine did a huge fashion spread involving athletes who play a sport that didn’t start it’s season in time. That could result in an issue that has a bunch of unemployed gentlemen dunking in suits they probably had to buy on credit.

Lucky for GQ, there’s a new CBA just waiting to be ratified, which makes their photo spread totally relevant. Close call.

The centerpiece of the article, if you ask me, is Blake Griffin. The stylists gave him the trendiest suit and somehow managed to make red look good on a ginger. This guy really can do anything.

On the complete opposite side of the spectrum, Andre Iguodala also got the nod for this shoot.

Cool Jordan pose, weird face. Basically what you’d expect from Grimace.

Meanwhile, Shannon Brown got to look like the fanciest extra from “Mary Poppins.”


Cheerio, mate.

Russell Westbrook was definitely, definitely there.

As was JaVale McGee which is something I would have never imagined was possible. But it really did happen, on purpose even.

I’m assuming this is Pierre in the magazine. A plaid suit with a checked shirt and tie seems very Pierre-y to me. Also, I’m the world’s worst rapper now.

Good thing the NBA and the players reached a deal, otherwise this “dudes dunking in suits for some reason” thing would be totally ridiculous. I’m glad they dodged that bullet.

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  1. I’m surprised Amare didn’t appear on this photoshoot. He’s the NBA’s fashion king!

  2. Aw man, Iguodala must have ripped at least 2 pairs of trousers pulling that pose!

  3. What’s up with the black rubber street ball? Come on GQ.

  4. Russel’s quote is so recognizable…
    I also feel I would tear out of my suit if I’d try this. Not that I’m that muscular, but hey.

  5. So according to GQ, after Jordan retired dunks became comatose? An act of empty peacocky machismo? Somebody forgot to tell vintage Vince Carter.

  6. damn i like their swag… sign.. i wish i was taller. Is that the most recent magazine?

  7. I know it’s the style, and it’s probably the poses too..but man those pants are way too tight.

  8. No those pants are ill all their outfits besides Blake Griffins shoes are dope.

  9. Bryant and Carter both were superior at dunking to Jordan. Kobe is superior in most respects.

  10. *than Jordan*, it should have been written.

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