No use beating around the bush with you guys — spending Thanksgiving in Miami with some TBJ WAGs is pretty OK. In the middle of a month long tour of the United States, a chillaxing respite from the drudgery of the road was nice.

That being said, Thanksgiving in Miami is about as weird as you’d think. We’re talking spending the day on the beach watching people trying to learn how to be Tom Cruise in “Cocktail.”

We’re talking steaks so big they look like baby ribcages.

We’re talking salads so abundant, they’re literally the size of a pretty lady’s head.

Very fun, very enjoyable, very nice to throw some new humans in to the six bros traveling together stew. Definitely a different vibe celebrating an autumnal holiday when it’s 80 degrees and sunny, but I’m not complaining. (I would be if I couldn’t find a chair in the shade every day, but let’s not get in to the whole “the beach is the worst” thing right now.)

Oh, and the lockout ended. You guys hear about this?

I don’t want to judge, but I’m fairly certain that cover took no more than six seconds to Photoshop. And that’s including finding a good Santa hat for Melo to wear.

But who cares — the NBA is back. Can you guys believe it? Me neither. Not until I see some actual basketball being played by actual NBA players against other actual NBA players. Still pretty cool though.

Of course, the end of the lockout might leave you wondering if the last two American stops of our tour are still a go. The answer, obviously, is yes. We’ve got a show in New York City tomorrow and one in Boston on Friday. They’re going to be fun and you should come, because now that there’s going to be a season, this’ll be the last time you’ll get to see a live Jones show without living in Toronto for a minute. How could you live with yourself if you missed out?

Between seeing some of our ladies, the NBA finally figuring out how to come to an agreement and some downtime, this was a good Thanksgiving. We’ve got a week left and it’s going to be great. Just wait till you see the videos we’ve got in store. They’re the perfect way to end a lockout and start a season. Hope you enjoy them.