Who killed the NBA season? Last Wednesday, this was a very valid question to ask, so we sent Miami’s top investigator to crack the case. In a shocking twist ending, it turns out the NBA had merely faked its own death. I guess you could say, basketball’s … *puts on sunglasses* … bouncin’ back. YEEEEAAAHHHH!

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  1. Delightfully, Tas’ impression kept getting worse and worse…

  2. I’m going to try to stay positive about this video. The ice cream cone looked like it would have been delicious if it wasn’t melted. I couldn’t tell if it was superman or not. BTW, superman is the best ice cream flavor ever…

  3. Hilarious! Loved this haha

  4. @Bernie – my hand was still quite delicious after we were done filming. 3 different flavors – mango, something, and something.

  5. “just eat your icecream”… lmfao
    Great straight man, Skeets.

    Can’t wait for the season and the show to come back.

  6. I always knew Skeets got mad acting skills :)

  7. This had everything to do with basketball AND humour!

  8. Loving the tour video’s… surely there is a mad bloopers vid to come out at the end of the tour…?

  9. This made me happy.

  10. Love a good pun!

  11. That was awesome. Nothing like a good CSI: Miami joke, or 15 bad ones.


  13. Hahaha I was thinking this has been done to death but then the last one reaaally got me :p

  14. I travel about 70% of the time for work. during today’s trip I caught up on the last couple tour stops, so of course when I checked into my hotel the first thing I did was take a shower and put my feet on the carpet. Officially a new tradition. thanks Brent Barry

  15. WTF just happened – Rodger would not be impressed.

    Starbucks soon guys!

  16. awesome. i am still holding my breathe for a “stepping on the beach” video though

  17. Am I the only one who thinks Tas’s impression sounded a lot like Macho man??

  18. Hilariousness!!!

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