Remember yesterday, when Barack Obama was saying “Great deal” about the NBA lockout being over? Sure you do. You have a great memory and that’s one of my favorite things about you.

Anyway, I mentioned in the post that Barack gets unreleased Under Armour shoes because he is literally the most powerful man in the world. If you think about it, it makes sense. What shoe company wouldn’t send a basketball-playing president a pair of their shoes, just on the off chance he’ll be photographed carrying them and giving a thumbs up? I’m guessing it was the same thing with denim shirt makers and President Bush.

Then, Nick DePaula of Sole Collector told me this:

They’re actually samples of a model releasing in 2012. They have the same tooling as the Lite/Clutch/Funk. He’s the same size as Brandon Jennings (11), so I guess they slide him samples here and there. Pays to be the president, apparently.

Then this picture surfaced:

Yep, that’s a special makeup of an Under Armour shoe complete with the presidential seal, specifically made for No. 44. This has to be the weirdest shoe hookup ever. You expect guys like Kanye West, Wale and all the big name dudes in the NBA to be getting unreleased shoes, but the President? That’s just hilarious.

I like to imagine this came about when Jennings was interning at Under Armour, back in the Curator of Cool days. I’m hoping he was daydreaming in his office one day and thought to himself, “We should make a pair of shoes for Barack Obama and give them to him.” Then he told his bosses who humored him because making one more pair of shoes is nothing for them, only to find out that Barack is very open to getting a free pair of kicks and would eventually get photographed carrying them around. I even like to believe that Brandon Jennings delivered these directly to Obama, but I’m not really sure how that would go down.

That story is probably as logical as anything else that could lead to the President of the United States of America getting his own signature shoe from a brand that started making basketball shoes two years ago. Nick’s right — it pays to be the President.

(via SLAM)