Let’s make this quick because we all have important things to do and lives to lead.

As far as days in New York City go, yesterday was pretty tame. A little breakfast at Penelope’s, a little work at the hotel, a little trip to the tiny of slice of Japan that is Uniqlo, a little checking out the venue for tonight’s show, and then a long, long night of not-particularly-funny comedy at the Comedy Cellar where you don’t even really need to tell jokes to get stage time from the looks of things.

Like I said, nothing mind-blowing. Just a bit of this and a bit of that. Until, that is, we saw this guy when we were headed home from a late night stop at the Spotted Pig.

Yes, that’s a man using a pay phone in the year 2011. It’s stupefying, innit? Just try to imagine the confluence of events that had to take place for this to even happen.

This guy had to have his cell phone die — or not even have a cell phone, I guess, but this is New York City so I’m not buying it unless that is some kind of new cool kid thing to do which wouldn’t surprise me — and had to have enough desire to make a call that he searched the West Village for a working pay phone. Then he had to have enough change to make a call, which means he had to either have some sort of semblance of familiarity with the price structure for New York City pay phones or confidence that 1-800-COLLECT was still in business. Then he had to actually go through with the whole operation which surely began with the line, “I’m calling from a pay phone so if I cut out it’s because I ran out of coins.”

In 2011, when even the longest cell phone holdouts have had mobiles for three years, it was a total brain cramp to see this happening. Can you believe that is how we used to live? That we had to go through such a rigamarole to make a 12-second call in the middle of the night? Me neither. I’m truly glad we’ve moved on to having radiation factories in all of our pockets.

Today should be another fairly chill day. Some working, some show prep and then our NYC show at Turtle Bay. If you’re in or about the city, you should come. The tour only has two more stops and this is the show that Jay-Z is most likely to show up at. If that’s not a reason to stop by, I don’t know what is.