While in Oklahoma City, Skeets and Tas hit the streets to find out how Thunder fans felt about the news of the team they love movin’ back to Seattle. Oh, you hadn’t heard either? Try and keep up, man!

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  1. You guys are dicks. Hahaha.

  2. Yes Sir….


  3. Ha that’s great.

  4. Oh how I wish this was true…

  5. They’re really polite ;-)

  6. My, how his is getting old. Give it up already.

  7. I would have smacked that guy who said, give them Toronto instead

  8. That footage is clearly not from Oklahoma City. None of these people told how old they were. Nice try though!

    • That is absolutely in Oklahoma City. I know where each of them are. You’ve never been there. Nice Try though.

      This is funny though.

  9. How about the girl who buys her husband jerseys AND is willing to go see Twilight without him? And they say girls from the midwest are over rated. Pssh.

  10. haha. This was awesome. And I agree with Jax, that girl was a winner for sure

  11. Christian is right. There wasn’t even a single oil baron among the group interviewed. From what I understand, every other person in OKC is an oil mogul so this clearly must have been filmed elsewhere.

    For shame, Skeets…

  12. thundersonics! (actually, that would be an improvement over the current name… then again, pretty much every name would be an improvement)

  13. is everyone from oklahoma stoned all the time?

  14. haha that was great!! keep it up guys!

  15. that fat lady is a total liar

  16. hahah exposure.com

  17. So many underwhelming reactions, as if they didn’t want to accidentally offend anyone. Looks like a nice place to live though.

  18. This was really funny, it gave me a funny idea that is very similar.
    How about telling New York fans that they have to trade Carmelo back to the Nuggets because they don’t have enough money under the new cba. That would sure freak some people out.

  19. That was a mean trick! You know what would have been a meaner trick? If some guy from another city bought the Thunder, but promised to do everything he could keep the team in OKC, but then moved it back to his hometown a year later anyway. Now THAT would be a mean trick!

  20. Ha, I really wish yall had showed calling out the “my dad totes knows cause of his porno sounding site yall” lady. Evil, but funny

  21. Clay Bennett stole our team and its 65 years of history… Nice to give OKC a little taste of its own medicine. SAVE OUR SONICS!!!

  22. LOLOLOL this is hilarious.

  23. @ Bernie:

    Or tell people in Miami that the three amigos had a fight and all three are leaving?

  24. Okc sucks and so does clay Bennett and stern Seattle was tricked and stolen

  25. wow i was just listening to this and not watching the video, and i thought the last girl was at least 40 or older… then i look on the video and she younger.. damn are they born with an old person voice?

  26. Oh, please make this real. Someday….

  27. This was awesome! I love the girl who knew of the fake news because her dad runs a porno website.

  28. Seattle doesn’t deserve the team anyway. Too many smelly hippies here that don’t care about basketball, just weed and welfare.

  29. @seatac. that is what seattle is, but isnt it better than meth and…no welfare cause oklahoma rejects federal aid?

  30. I love how everyone their really didnt give a shit hahah whats really funny is the girl who said theyd stand by them no matter what, n they booed the shit outta them when they were first there..nice try OKC. plus toronto already has a team hahah

  31. Haha they left Seattle for a reason? They didn’t leave they were stolen so screw okc they’re just a bunch of dirty thieves

  32. Seriously Funny!

  33. This was OKC, and the Toronto comment was classic. The Thunder are already twice the team they were in… wherever they were, who cares. Supersonics give me a break.

  34. This was a hoot … especially the comments by and about the lady whose dad, she said, runs a sports blog or something like that.

    I live in Okc and can confirm that the footage was shot in Oklahoma City, mostly in front of the Harkins Theater in Bricktown.

  35. Nice to see some of them sweat. Too bad it’s not true. It’s a joke that OK even took Seattle’s history with them. Why would they want it? Create your own damn history and leave ours in Seattle. BRING BACK THE SONICS. Oh yeah. David Stern is a TOOL.

  36. I love how they put the girl laughing at the end even though none of her interview was features just because she’s hot.

  37. Okay so the “fat lady” with the “old person voice” is me. I am the idiot in the yellow shirt who tried to act like I knew what I was talking about. For the record, I don’t know anything about basketball, but since I work downtown, when he told me that they were leaving, I panicked! I should know if my own team was leaving. I realize this is a year late, but I caught A LOT of crap for it.

    PS: Thanks for telling EVERYONE else that it was a joke and not me! Also, thanks for featuring me SO MANY TIMES, my co-workers and friends loved it.

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