I really can’t think of a better or worse idea than the US Pro-Ball Legend Tour that’s going down in China on December 18.

On one hand, convincing guys like Dennis Rodman, Scottie Pippen and Cliff Robinson to play in a game together is exactly something someone who started loving NBA basketball in the 1990s would do. Just look at all those names. 9-year-old me is loving this.

On the other hand, seeing guys like Vin Baker, Voshon Lenard (?) and Mark Blount (oh come on) play basketball in 2011 is maybe not the best thing that anyone has ever conceived. Not that those guys weren’t legends back in the day — well, those guys weren’t but we’re using “guys” colloquially here — but some of them haven’t played in the league for more than 10 years. Are we even sure Dale Ellis can still jog? He’s 51. This is a legitimate concern though I will concede that he can probably make it 3-point line to 3-point line, which is really all he needs.

But whatever, this is happening. If you happen to be in Macau in December 18, definitely go to it. You’re not going to get a chance to see Horace Grant gracing the court too many more times. Better live it up while you still can.

(via Ball Is Life)