I really can’t think of a better or worse idea than the US Pro-Ball Legend Tour that’s going down in China on December 18.

On one hand, convincing guys like Dennis Rodman, Scottie Pippen and Cliff Robinson to play in a game together is exactly something someone who started loving NBA basketball in the 1990s would do. Just look at all those names. 9-year-old me is loving this.

On the other hand, seeing guys like Vin Baker, Voshon Lenard (?) and Mark Blount (oh come on) play basketball in 2011 is maybe not the best thing that anyone has ever conceived. Not that those guys weren’t legends back in the day — well, those guys weren’t but we’re using “guys” colloquially here — but some of them haven’t played in the league for more than 10 years. Are we even sure Dale Ellis can still jog? He’s 51. This is a legitimate concern though I will concede that he can probably make it 3-point line to 3-point line, which is really all he needs.

But whatever, this is happening. If you happen to be in Macau in December 18, definitely go to it. You’re not going to get a chance to see Horace Grant gracing the court too many more times. Better live it up while you still can.

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  1. This IS the best idea of all time. Mark Blount! I want to meet the organizer or whoever decided that Blount and Lenard should be involved.

  2. The only reason Rodman is the headliner is he’s the most famous. But Grandmama third line? We can make room for him on the second.

  3. I’m not going to lie, but this actually does sound interesting. Could use a little more Tom Gugliotta though.

  4. Loving the edited team jerseys. Also loving that they used a photo of GP at the Lakers, not from his long career in Seattle or his championship year at Miami.

  5. I’m holding out for Sexy Rexy Chapman

  6. Mark Blount’s first season was in 2000-2001. That is the only error here.

  7. Nice joke. I was fooled there for a bit but Mark Blount gave it away. Top-notch design I have to say.

  8. I saw one of these games in Asia a few years ago. It was Pippen, Drexler, BJ Armstrong and Glen Rice, and it made me sad. Scottie can still play some but Drexler can no longer jump or dunk. Glen Rice subbed out for good in the third and spent the rest of the game on the bench with his knees wrapped in ice. Did I mention he barely played?

  9. Doesn’t look like it’s a photoshop Jason articles. businessinsider.com/2011-11-29/sports/30453581_1_glory-days-sidekicks-exhibition

  10. Mark blount earned some 44 million in salary, he must be a legend.

  11. @JonoHimself thats the first thing i noticed even before reading a single word. 90′s legends like Gary payton from the 2004 lakers.

  12. i remember how much i wanted mark blount to play for the raptors… and vashon lenard was nasty… but he was fat when he was in the league, i wonder how much he expanded now

  13. @Ethan
    Sure, 7 rebounding titles and 2 DPOYs sure aren’t worth a single 2nd team All-NBA…

    GP and Drexler both finished 2nd in MVP voting (to Jordan) at least once. Penny went to the finals as a top2 player on his team, LJ didn’t…

    C’mon, son, stop being a fanboy

  14. cheapest ticket – $74; most expensive – $421

  15. @bobby I guess to a casual fan, Lakers sells it more than the defunct Sonics… but really, would a casual fan care about a 90s oldies game

  16. A similar tour was held in Europe some years ago. A group consisting of 90′s NBA ballers teamed up with some former AND1 players to compete against local legends.

    I remember Dennis Rodman, Tim Hardaway & Muggsy Bogues being there.

    Rodman could barely jog anymore. He honestly looked like he needed a new pair of knees…

  17. umm.. my colleague and i got an extra ticket, and then his wife cancelled. its the second most expensive one, about HKD 2500 – contact me if you want the ticket – manesh.samtani@gmail.com

  18. Hey i went 2 the game and it was gr8 to see those guys so close and still playing. And off course u can’t expect Triple Doubles from any of them but it’s just the fact of Seeing them again after all this years in the court having fun. And let me tell you That Pippen still can make shots and dribble beleive it or not. Just the fact to see Rodman pays the ticket. That guys still same crazy funny giy from the 90′s.
    So it was a cool chance to catch this guys doing what they did best back in the day. And Hey it’s just An Exhibition game of the LEGENDS ! What can u expect ? Otherwise just wait for the NBA 2012 All Star Game !!!

  19. Did anyone on this tour realize that Clyde Drexler is actually IN the Basketball Hall of Fame? I know Pippen is as well, but dang, show the guy some love.

  20. LJ and Blount were late scratches…didn’t make the trip.

    Voshon Lenard played 11 years in the league and won the 2006 3 point contest…can’t have a team of all All Stars every team needs role players.

  21. where can i hear about events in macau like this in advance rathet than after they happen? i can’t find a mailing list or web page or newspaper that covers upcoming events, and even on venetian mailing list they never mentioned it. thanks!

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