Last night we met the Human Fish.

Let me explain. After a pretty lazy day that saw us eat Shake Shack and do pretty much nothing else besides get some much needed rest, we guested on The Chris Gethard Show, “the most bizarre and often saddest talk show in New York City.” It certainly lived up to its billing as we did pseudo commentary on what was basically a pickup game between two rival teams, the Del Harris Marathon and the 4-Skins, neither of which are actually any good at basketball. Just to give you an idea of the quality of play, both a shot and a pass went off the ceiling.

Anyway, we did the show — all of which you can watch right here — in a cramped public access studio that had us on a riser that served as a booth, a house band, 15 or so fans of the show, two basketball teams, three cameras, a gigantic ladder and a man called the Human Fish who can only answer questions asked of him that follow a strict “this vs. that” format. It was delightfully bizarre and we all had a bunch of legit laughs, mostly at Chris Gethard’s expense. Don’t worry though, if you’ve ever seen his standup, he’s pretty used to it.

Today, we’re flying to Boston, the last U.S. stop on the No Season Required tour, where we’ll be doing something equally as weird — speaking to college kids about sports media. That’s right, TBJ is now shaping the mind’s of America’s youth. If that’s not evidence that the States needs to enact a series of iron-fisted closed border policies, then I don’t know what is.