How do you feel about LeBron James and Kevin Durant being such good friends? From this vijoe, it’s pretty obvious that they’re pals, which I would imagine rubs some people the wrong way. It’s like good and evil hanging out, playing football like it’s no big deal. Are you OK with this? (You should be OK with this.)

Anyway, funny to see how different these guys are as football players. Durant’s the deep threat, a real Randy Moss type who uses his height to beat small defensive backs down the field. LeBron’s the whole package, able to shake DBs with quick cuts and a broad frame. One of these guys could conceivably have an NFL future and one of them is the franchise cornerstone of the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Speaking of the Thunder, I’m sure they’ll love the part where KD makes a tough catch and has his legs taken out from under him. That should go over pretty well in the front office.

If you want to watch the whole game, be my guest. LeBron’s team won 70-63, so I’m sure it’s totally worth it.