OK, so a super pointy goatee and a slicked-back coif is kind of expected from Chris Andersen. Fair enough. Doesn’t mean it’s not a perfect tweak to his already excellent steez, but I’ll admit it’s not terribly surprising. Just glad to see he’s keeping things fresh.

Andre Miller’s getup, on the other hand…

Yes. A blue Peter Pan hat is exactly what Dre needs to gain some traction in the NBA blogosphere. So perfect. Hope he figures out a way to work this in to his gameday attire, like that time Sam Perkins wore a do-rag over his dreads for half a preseason game against the Bulls. Just let this one slide, David Stern.

Sure, the NBA season is all of one workout old, but the Nuggets are already in the lead for most hilarious team in the league. Here’s hoping for a wire-to-wire winner.