Boston is the last stop of the TBJ No Season Required tour, but that doesn’t mean things are getting any less zany. Let’s start back in New York, where we all spent the last moments we had in America’s biggest city taking the Bike Baron for a spin. Where is that guy even going? And why does he take the most convoluted path to get there? Beats me but I’m more than happy to help him get his cat to the vet or whatever it is he’s up to.

Then when we got to Boston, it was back to our phones. An hour is a super long time to be away from Twitter. Gotta keep your tweet game tight and your hashtag game even tighter. (I know you are probably realizing a whole bunch of continuity errors here, but let me guarantee you that even though the Bike Baron picture wasn’t taken yesterday morning, that’s exactly what was happening. Holler at us, Bike Baron.)

After our quick tweet sesh, we headed to the hotel where we found leopard print robes that we just had to try on.


Once we got settled in Beantown it was off to a very important speaking engagement — speaking to Paul Flannery’s Boston University sports media class about how we got where we are.

Yeah, that really happened. And there were even students there and everything.

Skeets, Paul and I even all threw down a pretty great collection of identical hands-y talking poses.

Seems like the kids actually liked it because repetition is awesome.

Or, at the very least, they faked it very well for the picture. Either way, we had a great time and have decided that during the next lockout we’re going to do a college speaking tour.

After class, we hit a restaurant called Bricco where the Restaurant Dictator let everyone know how he feels about bread pudding.

Convincing case, but we didn’t order it. If you don’t stick up to dictators, things turn bad pretty quickly.

It was a long day, even though the travel was crazy quick. Exhausted, Tas debuted a revolutionary new laptop technique that will instantly become the gold standard of computer posture.

Try this next time you need to check somethings out but don’t have the energy to keep your head propped up with your neck muscles. Your chest might combust but it’s worth it.

Tonight, we’ve got our last show, so please come see it. I promise it’ll be worth every penny you spend to get in.