First it was a season guaranteed to be overshadowed by what he’s going to do in free agency. Now it’s beating a child at basketball. Chris Paul is becoming LeBron James before our very eyes.

(via Five-Star Basketball)

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  1. what the… that is one big 8th grader

  2. C’mon! 8th grade? Is he a cousin of Gref Oden?

  3. I meant Greg, but now I can’t correct it cause of some too-short comment rule on the site.

  4. That’s Mustapha Heron, one of the best 8th graders in the US:

  5. He travels at 0:16

  6. She defended him pretty well.

  7. I need this kid’s name, McDonalds class of 2016

  8. 8th grade? how? this kid is a beast

  9. This kids in my class he’s mad good

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