We just spent 34 days on the road. We were bound to like some things more than others. Here are our favorite things from the No Season Required tour. Feel free to chime in in the comments.

Favorite City

Skeets: Portland

Tas: Portland

Trey: San Antonio

Matt: San Antonio

JD: New York City

Leigh: All of ‘em

Favorite Show

Skeets: San Antonio

Tas: San Antonio

Trey: Los Angeles

Matt: Oakland

JD: San Antonio (Oakland a close second)

Leigh: San Antonio

Favorite Guest

Skeets: Brent Barry (San Antonio)

Tas: Brent Barry

Trey: Brent Barry

Matt: Brent Barry

JD: Brent Barry

Leigh: Brent Barry

Favorite Venue

Skeets: Vitus (Oakland)

Tas: Game On! (Boston)

Trey: Vitus

Matt: Alamo Room at 4 Points Sheraton (San Antonio)

JD: Tobacco Road (Miami)

Leigh: Tobacco Road

Favorite Crowd

Skeets: Chicago or Portland

Tas: Chicago

Trey: Chicago

Matt: Portland, Chicago

JD: Portland

Leigh: New York and Boston

Favorite Post-Show Hang

Skeets: Karaoke in NYC

Tas: NYC/Portland

Trey: Friendly Spot, darts and karaoke in San Antonio

Matt: New York


Leigh: Has to be NY for the karaoke session

Favorite Meal

Skeets: Ola in Miami, Mama’s in San Francisco

Tas: Ola in Miami

Trey: Big Star in Chicago

Matt: Ola in Miami

JD: Ola in Miami

Leigh: Mama’s in SF 1st, Ola in Miami a very close 2nd

Favorite Joke

Skeets: Gary

Tas: Everything “Silly Billy” said

Trey: “One mo’.” — Leigh, when taking pictures

Matt: “Whatever happened to that old hot dog stand?” — a Bob Dylan reimagining of the “Full House” theme song

JD: Couldn’t possibly pick one. Not a joke, but I enjoyed the chemistry between Dorrell and Matt.

Leigh: Tas’ Boston sign off

Favorite Tour Video

Skeets: Who’s the NBA’s Biggest Hipster?

Tas: Seattle Gets Back the Thunder

Trey: “Full House” remake

Matt: Benny the Bull, spirit guide

JD: Seattle Gets Back the Thunder

Leigh: Matt Loaf

Favorite Anything Else

Skeets: In-flight crosswords

Tas: Mark at Michael Jordan’s Steakhouse

Trey: JD’s intro to the Oakland show

Matt: Hotel — Westin Portland, Video interview — Bill Wennington, Sirius station — 60s on 6, Karaoke performance — JD doing “Midnight Train to Georgia, Argument — What counts as a chain restaurant?, Check-in — Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club in San Francisco, Article of clothing — Heat gen t-shirts from Uniqlo, Accessory — a “Cleanie”, Celebrity sighting — Sam Donaldson in our OKC hotel restaurant

JD: Skeets and Leigh’s bromance

Leigh: JD checking in at every single location, especially the strippers.

Comments (12)

  1. Wah We Wah Woo…I Like

  2. Final Score:
    Portland: 9
    San Antonio: 9 (plus Brent Barry: 6)
    NYC: 9
    LA: 2
    Oakland: 9
    Boston: 3
    Miami: 8
    Chicago: 10
    OKC: 4

    Remarkably close guys! So is the winner Chicago or San Antonio?

  3. could you guys look any more canadian?

  4. TJB’s biggest hipster: Skeets

  5. I forgot to mention that I really enjoyed the way Matt embraced his “Restaurant Dictator” name and role. He even referred to himself in the third person at times…”The Restaurant Dictator approves” was heard a lot over the last few days.

  6. Was Leigh’s flatulence like an extra person on the trip? Like an annoying cousin.

  7. Hey look, you can see my jacket.

  8. This should have been done as a blank jones…just a final one kinda rapping it up…heart broken now

  9. Bring back the Sonics! I still can not get over the fact that we do not have a team in Seattle!

  10. you guys should have bones on your show regularly if possible…

  11. Matt: Alamo Room at 4 Points Sheraton (San Antonio)

    Are you kidding? That drab fluorescent lit room made me feel like I was on the set of a bizarre Jim Jarmusch scene. One or more of the following must be true:

    1) You lost your virginity to a neighborhood homeless woman there
    2) You discovered a forgotten religious relic left by the last cult to rent the room
    3) Brent Barry inspired priapism

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