This is it. The end. Here’s the final installment of our tour diary, which fittingly starts with a drink named after the tour’s namesake.

Of course, this led to Matt trying to come up with a new subtitle for the drink, which our waitress, Jo, really loved.

They shook on it, so expect to see these new menus in production sometime in the never going to happen near future.

The next day we flew out on our final flight of the tour, from Boston to Toronto.

Kind of sad walking through your final airport after a month of bro-ing down with your homies. At least the ceiling was really cool.

Plus, once we got home, we all assumed the classic TBJ head down, checking phones position even though customs explicitly prohibits that very thing. They prevent taking pictures too, but that didn’t stop us.

It was just like old times.

So it’s over now. Home again, home again, jiggity jig. We’ve still got a few videos that are in production that will be trickling out over the next few days, but things are going to be pretty much back to normal. We’ll be taking the next couple of days off to unwind, then we’ll be back at it, trying to figure out how to tackle an NBA season that starts in less than three weeks.

Hopefully this has been a nice distraction from the fact that we’ve missed out on two months of games. We loved every minute of doing the shows, making the videos and meeting you guys and I hope that that shows. You can always find everything we did on this trip here, so if you ever feel like reminiscing, go nuts.

One last thing — as a reward for making it this far, here’s “Tas” and “Skeets” dancing to “Walk Like an Egyptian.”

Thanks for putting up with us. Let’s NBA.

Comments (7)

  1. People would drink a Dutch Oven? Terrifying.

  2. Matt’s laugh is fucking epic.

  3. I wonder if this time the golden laugh isn’t Trey’s ?

  4. Trey, you probably should’ve used this link instead…

    Not that I don’t love CampLo, but c’mon…

  5. I thought there was going to be a Toronto show? Where can I find the details about said event?

  6. That’s the closest Matt got to having sex all tour, I bet.

  7. you can hardly recognise JD in the background with that beanie on in that “phones in customs” shot…

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