It’s all over. The tour is done. Back to wives, pets, and not having the valet bring the car out front. But before we wrap it all up in Toronto this Friday, let’s take a deeper look in to the numbers from the past 34 days.

Longest distance traveled by a fan:

Paul W. and Nicole B. — 6 hours from Vancouver, BC, to Portland, OR.

Runner-up: Colin Z — 5 hours from Dallas, TX, to San Antonio, TX.

Of the nine cities, subjective ranking in terms of how much the fans we met missed the NBA:

1) Portland 2) Oklahoma City 3) Chicago 4) New York 5) San Antonio 6) Oakland 7) Boston 8) Los Angeles 9) Miami

Number of videos produced: 17

Number of TBJ members wearing plaid at live shows (of the five regular TBJ’ers):

Chicago — 2 of 5, Portland — 1 of 5, Oakland — 4 of 5, LA — 5 of 5, OKC — 2 of 5, San Antonio — 4 of 5, Miami — 2 of 5, NYC — 1 of 5, Boston — 0 of 5. (Average: 2.37 of 5)

Total penis references made during live shows: 24

Number of days Scotch and Soda (Trey and Tas) had rooms serviced by housekeeping: 11 of 34

Number of times Mr. Saxobeat was played in Scotch and Soda’s room: 24

Combined tweets over 34 days by the six participating TBJ’ers: 1610 (Average: 268 per TBJ’er)

Tweets broken down by member: Trey Kerby — 479 (14/day), J.E. Skeets — 445 (13/day), Tas Melas — 393 (12/day), Leigh Ellis — 170 (5/day), Matt Osten — 85 (2.5/day), Jason Doyle — 38 (1/day)

Number of pinball games completed during our Oakland show: 16

Number of flights delayed (12 total): 2

Number of flights missed: 0

Number of times Tas’ towel fell off during the Benny the Bull video (before we binder clipped it): 36

Number of people we paid to be in our videos: 2 ($10 to this guy so Tas could hold his guitar and $5 to the girl whose backside Tas stared at)

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  1. I listened to Mr. Saxobeat while reading this.


  2. can’t wait until you guys actually start blogging about basketball again instead of yourselves

  3. Sweeeeetttt, Second place for hours traveled! That’s the closest thing to winning I’ll ever get to.

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