It was 9,000 blog years ago — and nearly seven actual months — that Jared Jeffries blew Game 2 of the Knicks’ first round playoff series against the Boston Celtics by passing up an open shot and botching a possible assist, all in the last eight seconds of the game. It was a virtuoso performance of making terrible game-losing mistakes, which Jeffries regretted immediately.

And guess what, all this time later, he still regrets it and hopes Knicks fans don’t hate him for it. From Newsday:

“I’ve watched that play a ton of times,” Jeffries said. “I feel like I don’t want that to define what I am as a Knick or what I did in my Knick career. I know I let a lot of people down, but no one more so than myself.”

This is super sad. Sure, the guy totally screwed up a seemingly easy play for a professional basketball player and cost his team a lead, but it was still just Game 2 of a first round series that the Knicks weren’t going to win anyway. I mean, the Knicks got swept by an average of 10 points in their three other losses. It’s not like this loss was the one that put New York out of the playoffs.

Besides, the thing that’s going to define Jared Jeffries as a Knick is that terrible contract he signed in 2006 and how the Knicks had to lose a first round pick and a guy they picked 8th overall just to get rid of him. No need to worry about this shot since Isiah Thomas’ blunder is a far huger one that Knicks fans will always hate infinitely more.

So no sweat, I guess?

(via SLAM)