The NBA season starts on Christmas¬† — thank Jesus Shuttlesworth — so that means we only have three weeks to post things like this that are only tangentially related to the league we love. Lucky for us, this dude is wearing a Detroit Pistons “Bad Boys” sweatshirt, which makes it barely applicable. I think you’ll agree that’s enough because this is one of the funniest videos in internet history.

(via Videogum)

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  1. Pretty sure this was from Kelly & Company, a local Detroit morning talk show that ran during the 70s and 80s. There you go; a free useless fact for the pile.

  2. That was Kelly and Company

  3. wow … the look on the crowds faace!!! lol

  4. posts like this one are why blogs were invented…magnificent

  5. God bless Trey Kerby

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