You’ve played H-O-R-S-E. Who hasn’t? But have you ever played EXTREME H-O-R-S-E? * Wuwee-wuwee-wuuuuu! Wah-wah-wah! * Check out this sneak peek before it’s added to this year’s NBA All-Star festivities.

Comments (15)

  1. somebody get osten a couple towels!

  2. Tas Melas’s athleticism is a treat to watch.

  3. Trey Kerby is the original Madvillain with that nickname.

  4. Trey did an excellent horse impersonation!

  5. Matt, how many women did you bed when wearing that suit? I’m putting the over/under at 2.5.

  6. Holy crap are you guys weird.

  7. Much love, much love :)

  8. love it! wheres the cardiac kid?

  9. Skeets – Your cowboy face is eerily similar to a gentleman named Kalib who was once injured in a random corn field accident. Nice of you to honour him

  10. what meds r u guys on?

  11. the MOST country

  12. Tas where are your hops bro?

  13. i thought matt was going to be introduced as the little person from fantasy island…

  14. “Some hay please”

  15. yeeeeeeeehaaaaaaaaaaw!

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