Now that the lockout is ending, guys who went overseas to get paid are going to be coming back and telling hilarious stories of their travels. The Nuggets’ Ty Lawson, who played in Lithuania for about 12 seconds, is among those players. Sounds like he had a great time dining on Kaunas’ finest delicacies.

From the Denver Post:

On his diet: Man, I had bubble guts the whole time I was over there. It’s definitely a different type of food and cuisine over there. I tried to stick to the chicken and steak, but I ventured out a couple of times, and it wasn’t a good look. They eat a lot more healthy over there. They like to eat things like that. Even McDonald’s is a lot healthier. It’s a lot fresh. I tweeted, it was like Prime 112. It was the best meal over there. I was always at McDonald’s drive thru.

I am not sure what my favorite part of this is. Between “bubble guts,” the insinuation that McDonald’s is fine dining in Lithuania and that Lawson doesn’t seem to see the correlation between eating at McDonald’s all the time and always having bubble guts, it is a pretty hard choice. Those are three strong contenders.

That being said — come on, it’s bubble guts. Duh.

Bubble guts.