I, for one, can’t believe Stephen A. Smith would make a mistake on television. Not particularly qualified to speak on this but it definitely happened.

(via NESW Sports)

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  1. And in the context of such a thoughtful, nuanced argument!

  2. I don’t hear it.. where? I listen to interviews everyday.. I dont get it

  3. Am I the only one who missed the N-word completely….??

  4. I don’t hear it.. I listen to interviews everyday.. i just dont get it..

  5. I’ve seen that complete segment at least twice and now I’ve watched this little excerpt three times, I don’t hear any N-word.

  6. Read the transcript: http://bit.ly/uRQdMv

    Can’t miss it once you know where it’s at.

  7. I watched the video 3 times and didn’t hear the n-word once. Where is it? Did you link to the wrong video?

  8. no he said it around the 16 second mark but you cant really hear it well because skip happens to be talking over him while he says it. no big deal really.

  9. Lamest post ever. Way to go guys

  10. i don t hear it.

  11. somebody wake me up when skip drops an n-bomb

  12. How do you not hear it? Stephen A. Smith is terrible anyways. I hope this is the end of his career.

  13. He didn’t say the n word. I wholeheartedly disagree. People are reaching. I don’t even like Stephen A. But he didn’t say the word.

  14. just look a the transcript Trey posted everyone…

    Trey Kerby says: 12.08.11 @ 9:54 AM EST
    Read the transcript: http://bit.ly/uRQdMv
    Can’t miss it once you know where it’s at.

  15. I think it was edited out. If you watch the clip closely, at the 16 second mark, his lips move, but not much else comes out.

    I didn’t hear it either….but I realized that’s probably what’s happened.

  16. I guess today is all fools day. because i did not hear it

  17. It’s definitely there: listen to what he says directly before “Come on man!” at the 16 second mark. Listen to it a few times, because it is right before Skip talks and is very fast.

  18. For those who still can’t hear it – I slowed it down for you (-30%):


    I think he realized how dumb it was as soon as the word left his mouth.. and tried to cover it up with a flurry of words.

  19. OMG i hear it! Stephan A man you crazy… Question. is he related to chris boussard?

  20. Misleading title of this article. Nigga is not the N-word. The N-word ends in “er”. Nigga is a whole different term, and you was from the street you would know this. Nothing wrong with this, except to white people’s ears.

  21. I hate Stephen A as much as any other person with eardrums, but he didn’t say that. If he did under his breath and 99% of the people can’t even find it, doesn’t that make it irrelevant? Lame post. Maybe lamest post.

  22. Looks/sounds like “c’mon man” to me.

  23. I heard it…. its there….. before he rants about wearing a black hat…..

  24. OK now I hear what you’re referring to. Sounds like ‘this *****’ if that’s what you’re listening for, in reality it could have been a lot of things.

  25. I had to read Trey’s link. Good stuff. LOL at whoever said “nigger” and “nigga” are different. Smith used the latter derisively regardless.

  26. WTF is this blog post?

    Is TBJ becoming TMZ with made up nonsense?

  27. “This nigga”, lol big deal

  28. I hear it and I’m all for it. Let the people say what they want to say.

  29. “What is WRONG with you!? This n***a….”

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