As you’ve probably heard by now, the NBA is (kind of) getting rid of the rip move with their latest rules update. We’ll see how that goes since it’s going to be refs deciding whether or not a guy is in his shooting motion when he smacks his arms in to another guy’s arms, which won’t lead to some late-game controversy, I’m so sure.

But tucked in to Ric Bucher’s ESPN report on the rule modifications is another shooting thing that could change some players’ games. Here’s Max Headroom:

Whether a player’s foot is on the three-point line or midcourt line will be determined by where it last touched the floor, meaning a player could have a toe on the three-point line but if he leans back on his heels before he releases the ball a successful shot would be deemed a three-pointer.

So basically, that means an NBA player can do this and have it count as a three-pointer.

Depending on the size of a player’s foot, that moves a player maybe eight inches closer to the rim. That doesn’t seem like much, but you can conceivably see a player figuring out a way to jump backwards off his heels in order to be just that little bit closer to the rim. Every little bit counts. Just ask Eddie House.

Or maybe someone will master a weird step back jumper where they leave off their closer foot and land on the one that has the heel behind the three-point line, which might be able to turn a 20-footer in to a three-pointer. There are options.

In reality, I am probably overthinking this because it’s not terribly likely that some NBA player is going to teach themselves convoluted methods of shooting off their heels just so they can get a tiny advantage on a still-very-long jumpshot. There might be better ways for players to spend their time during these shortened training camps.

Then again, I wouldn’t put anything past Kobe Bryant.