There are only three things in this life that are certain — death, taxes and Juwan Howard being a professional basketball player. Same as it ever was. Same as it ever was.

And remember, chill out.

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  1. He was also the first person to show up at the training facility after the handshake agreement ending the lockout. Why can’t he just chill out?

  2. Trey Kerby a Talking Heads fan? Who would’ve thought.

  3. Trey, your humor are always so spot on. well done sir, well done.

  4. Him and Grant Hill should start a senior league – just like the D-League, but D-HCYPAAN-League,[how come you play at age ninety league]….

  5. Alternate Senior league name:
    MBLA – Man Boob League of America.

  6. Juwan Howard is a vampire.

  7. LOLOL dont kill me!! lol

  8. yay another season of garbage-time thuggery

  9. I can clearly see myself in 2027 celebrating the 200 years of Juwan Howard historic career. I’ll even throw a party in his honor.

  10. You can keep Howard. We have Kurt Thomas now.

    See my Top Moments from the Lockout below:

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