Last night, at 7:06pm ET, Chris Paul became the second-best point guard to have ever been a member of the Lakers. At 9:23pm, the trade was blocked and Chris Paul was headed back to the Hornets.

Let’s take a look back at those 137 minutes to find Chris Paul’s biggest and best highlights.

7:06pm — Chris Paul finds out about the trade. Smiles big-time.

7:08pm — Personal chef tells him that his butternut squash risotto is ready.

7:09pm — Paul begins first official meal as a Laker.

7:13pm — Paul finishes risotto, breaking his own personal record for arborio rice per minute (ARPM). Scouts are amazed with the way he controls the pace of the meal and makes sure that each grain of rice is properly distributed.

7:22pm — Kobe Bryant discovers that everything around his house is easier to do for some reason.

7:41pm — Paul records first triple-double as a Laker by eating two each of Twix, 100 Grand and Almond Joy.

7:43pm — Paul feels sick from all the celebratory candy.

7:48pm — Metta World Peace calls Chris Paul to get some help figuring out his wireless internet connection. Paul tells him to unplug and then replug his router, recording his first official assist as a Laker.

7:57pm — Grabs his new puppy, Hoopsy, and gets her outside before she has a chance to pee on the rug. Hoopsy goes potty in the grass and Paul notches his first win as a Laker.

8:00pm — Chris Paul turns on “Community.”

8:09pm — During commercial break, nonchalantly tosses his used napkin in the garbage, recording first made basket as a Laker.

8:11pm — Pulls the napkin out and repeats nine times so he can say he scored 20 at least once while playing for Los Angeles.

8:20pm — Eats some seasonal peppermint ice cream. Records second win as a Laker.

8:32pm — Realizes that was the last episode of “Community” before the hiatus. First loss as a Laker.

8:48pm — Decides to take Hoopsy for a walk because he is so excited he can’t stand still. Accidentally gets lost while traversing neighborhood, resulting in first overtime as a Laker.

9:02pm — Finally finds his way home after several missteps, moving overtime record to 1-0 as a Laker.

9:14pm — Metta World Peace calls back to ask if by “plugged,” Chris meant in to the wall because his internet still isn’t working. Chris tells him yes, tallying second assist as a Laker.

9:17pm — Kobe Bryant looks around and realizes that no one is within three feet of him for the first time in seven years. Can’t figure out why.

9:20pm — Metta World Peace calls back and says that his computer is working and that he got the internet up and that he saw that Chris Paul was traded to the Lakers, so he just wanted to say thanks and welcome to the Lakers.

9:23pm — David Stern blocks trade, sending Chris Paul back to the Hornets. Kobe Bryant suddenly feels claustrophobic.

As you can see, it was a pretty great two-and-a-quarter hours. When it’s all said and done, though his time in LA was short, we’ll all remember Chris Paul’s stint as a Laker. I’m going to have kids immediately, just so I can tell their kids about his legendary tenure. I’m sure you’ll do the same.

Please advise….

(Lakers Chris Paul image via Ryan Hurst)