“I am the hockey player of this team,” Magloire said. “I am the one that is gritty, will work hard and do whatever it takes to get wins at the end of the day.”Jamaal Magloire, the first Canadian Toronto Raptor

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  1. awesome but spend a little more time in Photoshop.

  2. At the end of the day, this Magloire signing is a laughable P.R. stunt.

    Raptors will go 3-63 and we should get the first pick in the draft. Of course, Stern has to let us get the first pick.

    Trey, you try too hard. Be more like Tas. He’s much cooler than you. Skeets is much nicer. And Matt Osten also tries hard but he’s allowed to because he’s short.

    You’re welcome.

  3. Great ‘shop. It almost looks like he’s actually playing in a game of basketball.

  4. That is a wonderful photo edit Mr. Kerby.

  5. Not trying to be a troll or anything, but his blade is facing the wrong way….noob

  6. Hes never even played for canada how is he mr canada? hes just collecting a paycheck and only raptors r willing to pay him at this point.

  7. Well, that’s your typical Kerby post :
    - uninteresting news or no news at all
    - bad attempt at a pun
    - average photoshopping
    - horrendous comments

    No hating, just stating facts….
    Some Kerby posts are great, but when they’re average, they’re turble.

  8. It’s only turble because it’s Omer Asik guarding Magliore, and not Brad Miller.

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