After nine cities, 12 flights, and 10,000 farts, The Basketball Jones wraps up the “No Season Required” tour.

Yes, on today’s FINAL SHOW OF THE TOUR, we’re joined by lead singer of The Sheepdogs, Ewan Currie, to discuss: How his band ended up on the cover of Rolling Stone, piano bars, the laws of checking in on Facebook, dressing like a cowboy, the dickishness of Kareem Abdul Jabbar, and much, much more.

Thanks to everyone who came out to our live shows. You guys are awesome!

Previous shows: Chicago, Portland, Oakland, Los Angeles, OKC, San Antonio, Miami, New York and Boston.


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Comments (18)

  1. Now there’s a Canadian looking Canadian.

  2. Favorite episode yet. I loved watching The Sheepdogs open for KOL in Saskatoon.

  3. Tas I had a moustache at fifth grade

  4. The NBA season has officially started. Stop the chit chat and get back to work you lazy buggers!

  5. Great show, makes me even more sad I couldn’t make it.

    After 10 shows I really need to know, what song is being played at the end of the podcast?

  6. Trey: It’s alright if you don’t shower, but use a bathroom for fucks sake. You look like you pissed yourself

  7. I wonder if Ewan was the one that said less matt more chat.

  8. I just downloaded some tunes from The Sheepdogs and The Sadies… do yourselves a favour.

    Cheers TBJ… great tour, I look forward to next off-season’s world tour!

  9. bassti — I can assure you that I didn’t pee my pants. But it really does look like I peed my pants.

  10. The opening to this was really bad. Somehow your shows seem more about you guys than about basketball which would be ok if you guys were more interesting but I’m afraid you’re not.

  11. Nelly, are you aware it’s called no season required?
    Yeno… Cos the season’s starting late and all… It’s about passing the time with some fun, not really basketball at the moment…
    Trey, your laugh is my favourite laugh ever… Any plans for a free agency/season preview podcast? You guys gotta have buckets of free time now again !

  12. Dude looks like Ryan Dunn.

    Anyways. I’ve really enjoyed the tour and the Blank Jones but this lockout has given us a TBJ overdose so it will be good to get back to the NBA talk.

    Whoa boy!

  13. Also, will Matt be promoted to host now? How can he go back to being silent? :(

  14. Your tour was interesting for the first 6 months or so but can we get back to some basketball news? Lots of crazy interesting stuff going on right now!!!

  15. @Sam – either you send in a photo, or it didn’t happen.

    @Mess – the name of the song at the end of our podcasts is “Love Letter” by the Easy Access Orchestra.

  16. Wow… never expected i would be sitting here refeshing TBJ every week just to hear you all on the podcast, but damn you all are funny! Great job and hope you continue this. Maybe do it as video? I feel you all are my peeps now.. i know to much about you all. Do your thang, hope you all get RAISES! And a TV show. (Come on theScore, Give them an 30 min after every raptor game… would be fun)

  17. It’s been fun the whole way through. Although now I’m really looking forward to your regular basketball shows.

  18. You had some great guests on the tour — wish you had talked a little more basketball with them all. Ewan knows his stuff. Bring him back for basketball talk.

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