A couple months back, we got an early look at Kobe Bryant’s newest signature shoe, the Zoom Kobe VII. It looked kinda crazy because it came with a giant detachable bootie, which isn’t very common on non-orthopedic shoes. But those are nothing compared to what he’ll be wearing when the Lakers start the season against the Chicago Bulls.

This year, just like last, Kobe’s going to be wearing the wildest shoes on the court. While his feet were just your standard Grinch green last season — “standard” is relative, duh — this time around they’re still going to have a bit of that noxious shade but also a whole bunch of purple and black cheetah print. No idea where that came from, so I’ll just assume it’s a callback to the 2009 Rookie Challenge jerseys. That makes as much sense as anything.

Truth be told, I kind of like these. You wear them maybe once every three months, when you’re feeling saucy, then leave them on ice until the next time you want to show off. These certainly aren’t an everyday kind of shoe — unless you’re Lil Wayne or something — but every now and then, why not? Live a little, geez.

Back of the shoe, complete with pouncing cheetah, after the jump.

(via SneakerFiles)