I love Media Day. It’s the first time of the NBA season where we get to see what’s changed and what’s stayed the same. Not surprisingly, one thing that hasn’t changed is Kobe Bryant’s complete and total disgust for the enterprise.

But another thing that hasn’t changed is his ability to fake smile his way through.

Totally natural smile. Totally cool goatee.

One thing that has changed for the Lakers is Ron Artest’s name. And it’s as great as you could have ever imagined.

How can this not be the best-selling jersey in the NBA? Especially since they’re going to come out right before Christmas and you can say you gave someone “World Peace.” It’s perfect. Buy it for your nephew.

Oh, and Pau Gasol was still around. Even he’s not sure why.

Classic Pau Gasol hoof hands + incredulous face pose. Nailed it.

Best part of the Lakers Media Day, however, was that all of their coaches showed up in dad shorts.

Bunch of cool dads over here, just loungin’ in their shorts. Looking good, guys.

On to the Bucks, who apparently invited Billy Mays in for a tryout.

I know you’re thinking he’s dead, but when you do that many drugs, sometimes your heart just starts up again for no reason. Hope he makes the team so that he can do some marketing. Feel like he’d be a really great spokesperson. Lots of energy.

Also at the Bucks photo shoot, Scott Skiles tried this new thing called “joking around.” It didn’t go so well.

Stephen Jackson was unimpressed.

Then again, I figure this is what Stephen Jackson’s face is going to be like the whole season. At this point in his career, I’m not entirely sure he’s cut out to be playing on yet another team that’s going to be a fringe playoff contender and plays boring basketball. Not so sure this is an ideal fit.

Drew Gooden on the other hand…

You go girl.

Staying in the Midwest, let’s see what the Timberwolves were up to.

Pretty much the same thing as the Bucks, I guess. This looks like a promotional still for a basketball episode of “Glee.”

And this looks like Donnell Rawlings from “The Wire” and “Chappelle’s Show” turned up at Timberwolves camp.

Here’s a fun game — guess which one of these guys is officially listed at 6-foot-8 and which one is listed at 6-foot-10.

Second part of the game is to decide which one of them is lying. Here’s a hint: except for Kevin Garnett, no one intentionally says they’re shorter than they really are. We’re on to you Kevin Love.

Then again, if he just had Martell Webster’s hair, 6-foot-10 would be accurate.

Last but not least, this guy is still around and looking totally natural in his newfangled T-Wolves uniform.

Yeah, this is going to work out great.