A frantic tip to free agency has got The Jones back behind the mic! (Honestly, David Stern left us no choice.)

On today’s special NBA ‘cast, Skeets, Tas, and Trey weigh in on the recent signings, trades and other roster moves. How messed up is this Chris Paul nightmare in New Orleans? What’s the best team for Dwight Howard to play for now? And is Tyson Chandler the perfect fit for the Knicks? All that, plus thoughts on the Magic-Celtics power forward swap, Caron Butler’s Clippers payday, the suddenly sneaky-good Pacers, and much, much more.

And, hey, let’s hear your thoughts on the recent transactions below!


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  1. KG was second for DPOY last season.

  2. I don’t think the mp3 link works, but whatever can’t wait to listen! Thanks fellas

  3. I thoroughly enjoyed the No Season Required Podcasts and Videos but man am I glad you guys are talking all basketball again. While listening to this podcast, I realized how much I missed you talking exclusively about the NBA. Can’t wait for the actual games to start and the daily recaps.

  4. KG! Thanks, Stefan.

    Tad: That link’s workin’ fine over here. Anyone else havin’ problems?

    And, oh, here’s a few things that have gone down since we recorded this afternoon:

    Woj: “The Clippers placed a bid on Chauncey Billups, league source tells Y! Sports.”

    Tzvi Twersky: “Delonte West has agreed to a one-year deal with the Dallas Mavericks, sources close to the 28-year-old guard say.”

    Woj: “The Clippers matched Golden State’s 4 year, $43M-plus offer sheet [for DeAndre Jordan] that includes a trade kicker …”

    Marc Gasol (on Twitter): “I’m proud to say that we have reached a tentative agreement with my team, [the Grizzlies]. Can’t wait to get on the court with all my teammates!”

  5. Jonathan Feigen (Houston beat writer) reported that after Stern vetoed the first LAL/HOU/NO trade, New Orleans turned around and asked for:

    Courtney Lee or Patrick Patterson
    Kyle Lowry
    NYK top 5 protected pick
    Another 1st round pick (unclear if from HOU or LAL)

    If they accept an LAC trade without Gordon the Houston fans should riot.

  6. I’m excited to get back to the morning show

  7. Can’t wait until January 3rd, a day that will be second in glory only to December 25th.

    Even as a diehard Cs lover/Lakers hater, I was really upset when the trade from Thursday was blocked. What a horrible moment for the league. Also, it’s not like the Lakers were getting a huge steal with that trade. I think they would have been worse this year….Paul, Kobe, World Peace, and Bynum…not great. Dan Gilbert’s e-mail was ridiculous…he was most mad that the Lakers were trimming payroll while getting Paul. Hard to have sympathy for him after he botched LeBron.

    I feel like BBD to Bass is an upgrade. Bass is more athletic, and he can actually have some consistency in hitting those mid-range jumpers that BBD went feast or famine with.

    Great to hear you guys talking hoops. Please do more shows before Christmas. The anticipation of the season is starting to actually get physically painful. This show brought some relief.

  8. Hopefully we get one more show from now to xmas.

  9. @BatMayne: With all the trades going on, I bet there will be more shows before Christmass! :)

  10. Also, the Knicks can say they have the best frontcourt in the league. But, there’s still only one good defender on that team. And, even if technically Miami’s frontcourt isn’t as good because of the center spot, the Heat will still shit on the Knicks. The problem with the Knicks big 3 is that 2 of them don’t play defense. I feel like even if they had gotten CP3 they still wouldn’t be very good. The key to Miami is that LeBron and Wade are elite defenders.

  11. Great Podcast guys..

    Im happy the raptors didnt get peitrus… More fuel to lose. Im hoping we can trade for another draft pick..

    Aaron Gray… im so happy they signed that dude.. at least easy baskets will come with him on the court!!


  12. The Melo/Amare may not defend, but I’m sure that’s not one of Coaches sticking points. If Paul does find his way over there in the off season or whenever, the Knicks will be the Suns (during Nash’s MVP seasons) of the east, but ampt up (if you could imagine that).

    I look forward to the instant rivalry that MIA and NYC have to continue.

  13. Two official Jonas Jerebko nicknames from Detroit broadcasters:

    Swedish Eagle
    Swedish Cowboy

    Love the show

  14. Welcome the elf back!!!

  15. chris paul is officially a clip!! but they traded eric gordan!! :/ not what i wanted

  16. glad you’re back at las guys… those pre…season shows were just

    booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooring ! sorry…

    but january 3rd ? you got quite lazy [']

    never the less – patiently waiting.

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