It appears that the NBA has shot its crazy wad on the transactions front because today was actually a disappointingly boring day. We’re all still waiting to see where Nene, Gilbert Arenas, Rip Hamilton and Jamal Crawford will end up, but these measly moves were all we were given to feed on today.

Kwame Brown signs one-year, $7 million deal with Warriors
The players union had to know that this was what would happen when they managed to work a salary cap floor into the new Collective Bargaining Agreement. Kwame does have some usefulness as a defender and rebounder, but I would be remiss if I didn’t include this video in a post about a Kwame Brown signing.

Lakers sign Josh McRoberts and Gerald Green
McRoberts has turned into a pretty good NBA player, especially considering that he was drafted in the second round.  He hustles, rebounds and has some shooting range. As for Gerald “Nine Fingers” Green, I’ll never forget how many Raptors fans freaked out when the Raptors passed on him not once (for Charlie Villanueva) but twice (for Joey Graham) in the 2005 draft. Of course, Andrew Bynum and Danny Granger were the guys the Raptors really should have selected with those picks, but if you were a Raptors fan on the Internet at that time, you might have believed that Toronto had passed on the next Kobe.

Marco Belinelli signs $3.4 million qualifying offer with Hornets
Considering the state of the franchise, I think we can all safely assume this was a financial decision.