I’m not sure where Shawn Marion’s platinum do falls on the list of worst NBA hairdos, but I am sure that Jason Kidd had something to do with this. J-Kidd must have said to him, “Everyone loved it when I did it in Phoenix, so you should definitely give it a shot.” That’s the only logical explanation for choosing to do this in 2011.

Either that or he’s a big Chris Brown fan. Either way, interesting choice.

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  1. more like supersaiyan!

  2. All I can think about is how Paul Shirley described him as one of the dumbest players in the NBA.

  3. I think he just wanted to take the attention away from his jumpshot.

  4. That thong-to-thong-thong-thong.

  5. “got to get me some of that inventing money” lol suddenly more believable

  6. Golden Lords from Meteor Man

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