You guys might think I’m joking because this promo for Sheets energy strips is such a masterpiece, but it’s right there in the credits, so it must be true.

More like LeBron James Franco, am I right?

(via BuzzFeed)

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  1. LeBron could use those for the fourth quarter

  2. I knew that was coming… #goheat

  3. I know we’re suppossed to hate the guy, but his overexaggerated smile made me laugh.

  4. not great but not bad

  5. Three assists in 30 seconds ain’t bad

  6. Not bad for a guy who can’t perform in the fourth quaters haha

  7. Seems very much a cover/rip-off of the Blake Griffin & Kevin Love “Lockout Professionals”

  8. Dang! Just as I hit “send” I realized I should have included the link. Here it is

  9. its true,,, this dude was kinda funny in this video.

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